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Posterior realignment of irreducible atlantoaxial dislocation with C1-C2 screw and rod system: A technique of direct reduction and fixation. Spine J ; Treatment of basilar invagination by atlantoaxial joint distraction and direct lateral mass fixation. Reduction of fixed atlantoaxial dislocation in 24 cases: Technical note. Smoker WR. Craniovertebral junction: Normal anatomy, craniometry, and congenital anomalies.

Radiographics ; Three-dimensional configuration and morphometric analysis of the lateral atlantoaxial articulation in congenital anomaly with occipitalization of the atlas.

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Spine ;E Comprehensive drilling of the C facets to achieve direct posterior reduction in irreducible atlantoaxial dislocation. Technique for direct posterior reduction in irreducible atlantoaxial dislocation: Multi-planar realignment of C Clin Neurol Neurosurg ; Transoral decompression and posterior fusion for rheumatoid atlanto-axial subluxation.

J Bone Joint Surg Br ; Crockard HA. The transoral approach to the base of the brain and upper cervical cord. Ann R Coll Surg Engl ; Patkar S. Craniovertebral fixation … a new technique of occipital - cervical fixation. Neurol Res ; Endoscopic image-guided transcervical odontoidectomy: Outcomes of 15 patients with basilar invagination. Wadia NH. Myelopathy complicating congenital atlanto-axial dislocation.

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  5. Controversies in Spine Surgery—Best Evidence Recommendations | Spinal Cord?
  6. A study of 28 cases. Brain ; Radiographic and anatomic basis of endoscopic anterior craniocervical decompression: A comparison of endonasal, transoral, and transcervical approaches. Transoral approach to the cervical spine. Neurosurgery ; Klekamp J. Chiari I malformation with and without basilar invagination: A comparative study. Neurosurg Focus ;E Treatment of basilar invagination. Eur Spine J ; Atlantoaxial dislocation associated with the maldevelopment of the posterior neural arch of axis causing compressive myelopathy. Techniques in the treatment of craniovertebral instability.

    Neurol India , Transoral decompression for craniovertebral osseous anomalies: Perioperative management dilemmas. Neurol India Occipitocervical contoured rod stabilization: Does it still have a role amidst the modern stabilization techniques? Congenital Chiari malformations.


    Occipital-axis posterior wiring and fusion for atlantoaxial dislocationassociated with occipitalization of the atlas. Technical note. J Neurosurg. J Bone Joint Surg Am ; Craniovertebral junction anomalies: When is resurgery required?

    Controversies in the Surgical Management of Shoulder Instability: Open Arthroscopic Procedures

    Clinical biomechanics of spine. Abnormal flexion - extension mobility-Paradoxical motion. Kinematics of Spine. Distraction, compression, extension, and reduction combined with joint remodeling and extra articular distraction: Description of 2 new modifications for its application in basilar invagination and atlantoaxial dislocation: Prospective study in 79 cases.

    Goel A, Sharma P. Craniovertebral junction realignment for the treatment of basilar invagination with syringomyelia: Preliminary report of 12 cases. Neurol Med Chir ; Chiari I malformation associated with atlanto-axial dislocation: Focusing on the anterior cervico-medullary compression. Ventral compression in adult patients with Chiari 1 malformation sans basilar invagination: Cause and management.

    Deformative stress associated with an abnormal clivo-axial angle: A finite element analysis. Surg Neurol Int ; Complex Chiari malformations in children: An analysis of preoperative risk factors for occipitocervical fusion.

    J Neurosurg Pediatr ; Ventral brain stem compression in pediatric and young adult patients with Chiari I malformations. Vertical atlantoaxial index: A new craniovertebral radiographic index. J Spinal Disord Tech ; Spine Trauma Study Group. Measurement techniques for upper cervical spine injuries: Consensus statement of the Spine Trauma Study Group. Spine ;1; Joaquim AF. Atlantoaxial instability and Chiari malformation. Surgical treatment of Chiari I malformation-Analysis of intraoperative findings, complications, and outcomes for foramen magnum decompressions.

    Guillen A, Costa JM. Spontaneous resolution of a Chiari I malformation 4 associated syringomyelia in one child. Is atlantoaxial fixation the cause of Chiari malformation? Outcome analysis in 16 of 65 patients treated by atlantoaxial fixation. J Neurosurg Spine , Jea A. Chiari Malformation I surgically treated with atlantoaxial fixation. J Neurosurg Spine ; Atlantoaxial facet dislocation and Chiari malformation. J Neurosurgery Spine ; Rahman A: Does atlantoaxial dislocation really cause Chiari? A new technique for intraoperative reduction of occipitocervical instability.

    Treatment of craniocervical instability using a posterior-only approach. Different facets in management of congenital atlantoaxial dislocation and basilar invagination. Occipitocervical fixation: Is it necessary? Can foramen magnum decompression surgery become historical? Risk stratification of vertebral artery vulnerability during surgery for congenital atlanto-axial dislocation with or without an occipitalized atlas.

    Anomalous vertebral artery is not a deterrent to C joint dissection and manipulation for congenital atlantoaxial dislocation. Irreducible anterior atlantoaxial dislocation: One-stage treatment with a transoral atlantoaxial reduction plate fixation and fusion. Report of 5 cases and review of the literature.

    Spine Phila Pa Transoral atlantoaxial reduction plate internal fixation with transoral transpedicular or articular mass screw of C2 for the treatment of irreducible atlantoaxial dislocation: Two case reports. Treatment of basilar invagination with atlantoaxial dislocation: Atlantoaxial joint distraction and fixation with transoral atlantoaxial reduction plate TARP without odontoidectomy. Eur Spine J. Salunke P. Open access journal indexed with Index Medicus. A part of the problem related to deciding which approach is superior in a particular situation is that there is abundance of clinical and laboratory data to support arguments from both MISS and open techniques in the literature.

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